Chances are you’ve seen or heard calls for the need to unite America again. With the political and faction divisions at the national level, there is an increase in violent and divisive events happening in the United States. However, the assumption the solution must come at the national level is misguided. Yes, the goal is to stop the wedge that’s driving through our country but the means to achieve that requires focusing at the local level.

The problem isn’t that Americans disagree on politics. Political disagreements have been happening throughout our entire history. So what’s different now? If you look behind the surface of these divisions, it’s a struggle for power. The political power at the national level has increased to such exponential levels that every Presidential election is more like that of a King. Rarely is the emphasis on Congress anymore, and most people know very little about their Senators and Representatives.

This division we’re witnessing is actually a proxy civil battle of Americans standing behind their factions and against each other because it gives them a sense of strength and comfort. Human beings have a tendency to faction up when the motivation is fear. The fear is that the opposing faction will gain control of that seat of power if they don’t fight to grab a hold of it first. Whoever gains the power seat then proceeds to stomp on and plunder their opposition with no respect for individual rights, liberties, and shared citizenship. It has become a battle under the collectivism that our media is now promoting. In the void of individualism, collectivism guides people to a mob-rule style of Democracy. What nobody seems to see is that both factions and political spectrums are wrong whenever they both seek to gain at the expense of all American citizens that are “outside” of their faction. It’s not about creating opportunity and liberty for individuals, as was the foundation of this Nation. Instead it has become about giving favors to certain groups and demographics that support their political endeavors. The group that holds the power seat also grants special privileges, special funding opportunities, and special interest group favoritism. Through the increase in collectivism, the citizenship form into collective groups that struggle for this zero-sum power at the national level. The answer isn’t to unite America again at the national level. We need to stop feeding this poison by shifting our focus away from national politics completely to focus our efforts instead on local needs and personal charity.

The tragedy is that Americans show more loyalty to their national factions of power than their own neighbors! People could very well find a way to unite, get along with each other, and show respect for one another locally because we all have a shared vested interest in the places we call home. Unfortunately national factions and politics blind most people from the mutual interests they have with their own neighbors. Instead of working together face-to-face, they stand under their national banners and call each other enemies.

Stop letting the politicians play on your fears. Stop believing that supporting political parties is the answer to improving our great nation – it’s not. Abandon collectivism and see that we are all unique at the individual level. If the people of the United States are going to find unity again, it’s going to be the work of everyday ordinary citizens working together to find mutual interests with their own neighbors and fellow citizens in their local communities. Empowering each other at the personal and individual level. It will be the efforts of people willing to leave the national politics behind and to make that sacrifice for the good of their own Cities and States. The top-down federal power struggle for control has become the problem. We don’t need more top-down power, we need decentralized bottom-up power arising from individualism and localism. This is the only way we’ll rebuild general trust and respect toward our fellow citizens in America again.