When it comes to creating an opportunity for locals to advertise and notify others, it’s amazing what a simple corkboard can provide.

Corkboards are and efficient and inexpensive way to make a small space for posting local events, news, and services. They can be installed in businesses, public spaces, apartments, visitor centers, venues, and other places where people frequent. They’re an inexpensive way to encourage people to connect, since corkboards usually run as low as the $20 range for 36×24 inch boards, to higher prices for larger sizes.

Are you a struggling artist with an upcoming gig? Or maybe you just started your own business that offers a service? Posting flyers and business cards on local corkboards are a great way to get some local visibility.

If you’re promoting an event, corkboard bulletins are a great way to let everyone know about it as well as the time and place. You’ll want to make your flyers stand out from others by sprucing it up with some color, photos, and graphic design. Make sure to use a larger font for the title and time/date of your event to catch the eyes of passersby. Many people provide tear-tabs at the bottom of their flyers with important information for people to take with them. Others fold the bottom portion into a small pocket that holds business cards. The advantage of your flyer having something that readers can take is that it not only helps them to remember your flyer when they get home since they have something tangible in their hands, but it also lets you periodically check in to see how many tabs or cards have been taken and to get a sense of how much interest your flyer generated.

Posting your business card on a corkboard bulletin is an easy way to advertise, however they aren’t often as effective as a flyer. However, if it’s a small corkboard for business cards please be considerate of others and don’t post a flyer that takes up 10% of the entire board. Instead, make your business card more eye-catching and unique. When you look at the bulletin, will people notice your card?

If you come across a bulletin board with a messy array or one with expired events, and you’re feeling generous with your time, you can usually take the liberty of organizing it and throwing away the expired event flyers. If in doubt always ask the owner of the establishment first.

Bulletins could be used for many different purposes such as a space to post “thank you” cards to people in the community such as Police Officers, Firefighters, Teachers, etc. They make great important information posts for hiking trailheads, community gardens, and city halls. What are some of your ideas for utilizing the classic corkboard bulletin?



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