Organizing a seed exchange is a great way to support local gardening. It encourages local resilience and offers an opportunity for learning as people meet together to exchange the garden seeds they harvested as well as their own growing wisdom.

Gardeners know just how many seeds can be produced from even a single plant at the end of a growing season. It’s unfortunate that many of these seeds go to waste, and that’s what a Seed Exchange aims to prevent. It’s a barter system that saves you money from having to purchase new seeds so that instead you can exchange for new varieties.

An added benefit is that you can gain some important insight and tips from your fellow gardeners on the best way to cultivate the plants and learn about the germination specifics for your local region. All plants grow differently, and you’ll learn from others’ mistakes to prevent your own growing mishaps when trying out a new variety.

All you have to do is organize a meeting time and place for about an hour and invite fellow gardeners to bring their seeds. Advertising can be as simple as printing fliers in advance of the event. Hand them out and post them on community bulletin boards. Often local libraries offer temporary spaces to rent for such meetings. New gardeners should be welcomed and encouraged to attend too!