The United States was built on a foundation that has defined our identity. That foundation expresses itself in our Constitution – most specifically individual liberty. The structural design of our union was carefully planned to decentralize power. The States’ powers are intended to be the decentralization of Federal powers so that the people’s interests are more evenly represented across the nation at the State levels, and provide representation in closer proximity to the people. By the same structural design, individual rights are the decentralization of social special-interest power. Our Constitution recognizes rights as being owned by the individual, not as group divisions of interests. If individual rights are clearly outlined and fully protected, it will be the foundation for protecting ALL American citizens. Not only is doing so fundamental to our liberty, but also recognizes the Individual as the fullest expression of respect toward humanity.

Category vs. Individual

To collectively categorize human beings by their simplest attributes is dehumanizing and a disservice to the American tradition. Yet, we see this division being created in society – a separation of Americans into special interest groups by their simplest attributes with no respect to their true individualism. The individual cannot be reduced to simple attributes that, by themselves, represent little about who a person is – namely skin color, sexual preference, gender, age, etc. without sacrificing the individual in such a simplification. Yet the social tendency has become to simplify human beings by labeling and categorizing them. When we label someone, it’s most often an attempt for ourselves to better grasp a complex individual and reduce them to a simplification for our own understanding. The practice of categorizing people, then building an agenda around them often touts itself as a noble and virtuous effort to love people. In doing so you understand nothing about people because you’ve reduced them to a simplified category or group. You’ve denied their already Constitutionally-given respect as individuals with individual rights, and substituted it for a new law built around a devised social segregation.

Individual = Dynamic!

Individualism recognizes that human beings are more than their exclusive attributes. Individuals are a dynamic whole of many parts – beliefs, character, opinions, biography, family background, culture, origins, experiences, personality, emotions, etc. So if we were to take this individual whole and reduce it in an attempt to understand a person as simply a “gay person” or a “white person” or a “woman” how is it not reducing the full dynamic of their individualism and humanity? Sure, there are statistic situations when we do categorize people to study certain tendencies to see if they correlated with certain attributes; however, to fully build an identity of society that separates people by these attributes is dehumanizing. To demand certain rights and privileges for some of these groups at the expense of other groups is not liberty nor the American way because rights should be recognized at the human individual level, the American Citizen. These social collectivist campaigns have the appearance of virtue with the goal of “empowering” groups of people, but when you uncover their true nature and results you’ll see that they actually separate and divide us.

A Nation Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand

We are a divided nation because we are losing our unity as fellow American brothers and sisters. We’ve sacrificed our American identity and replaced it with collectivist group identities. These have been efforts and campaigns built around Social Collectivism, Political Collectivism, any other Special-Interest Collectivisms that have divided us and created contempt and opposition toward one another. This manifestation begins in our hearts when we ultimately identify with one of these polarizing collectivist views. Though it has been spread as a top-down campaign through various media, we have only ourselves to blame when we subscribe to it. The leviathan that we’re up against is not an enemy nation or some other external boogeyman, it is ourselves – will we choose to respect each other as individuals and fellow Americans or will we choose to tightly grasp our collectivist identity groups at the expense of being a United States of America?


We are facing a psychological campaign to destroy ourselves from within, through lies and deceit spread by the propaganda mouthpiece that is the mainstream media. The only true way to win is not to play the game. First, you must disconnect from the game. Turn off your TV, turn off your devices of distraction, and take a break from the group-think and seek out solitude to think critically about what is going on. Only when you give yourself solitude and time to truly think about what is going on will you understand it more clearly. The bombardment of opinions and information keeps us in a state of not being able to think clearly. After disconnecting, you will be able to step outside of the game to cease being a pawn within it. Don’t simply adopt the narrative that has been given to you – ask yourself what gets to the ROOT of the issues. What are the UNDERLYING causes? Rather than what you’re against, ask yourself what you are FOR? And finally, instead of fighting for power through groups and factions, ask yourself, ‘What do you already have the ability to do to produce positive results with those in your own life and sphere of influence?




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